Medicinal Testimonials for Delta 8 THC - Pay it Forward November Winners

Vape Whole Supply gives back! We decided to have a giveaway that’s not like most other giveaways… We aren’t giving out prizes at random! Instead, we asked those who need it most to submit their story on how Delta 8 THC helps them and why they need it. 

Yocan, makers of the Uni Pro, heard about what we were doing and wanted to help out! They offered one of their brand new colored Yocan Uni Pro's to our Grand Prize Winner! 

We received tons of amazing stories about the miraculous benefits of Delta 8, both medicinal and recreational and we asked if we could share them! 

We compiled some of the most heartfelt stories, with the participants permission, to share with the community so everyone is able to see how Delta 8 is making a difference in people’s lives. 

Here are some of our winners who were kind enough to allow their stories to be shared! 

Our Grand Prize winner, winning two Delta Farms cartridges and a Yocan Uni Pro Color Edition!

I use D8 in order to treat my clinical depression and anxiety. While I may have my own uses for your excellent product I am not writing this application for myself. I am instead writing this for my father who is what one might call "tech-illiterate". 

My father is a man who has had to work hard his entire life for what he has. For my entire childhood he would always be up at the crack of dawn every weekday and would work from 6 a.m. until 5 p.m. Years of this schedule has left him with severe back pain and several herniated discs. 

He had gotten neck surgery a few years ago in order to alleviate his pain to no success. He uses D9 medicinally in order to cope with the constant pain that he is in, but since we are in an illegal state it is hard to come by anything that actually helps him. I have let him try one of your D8 carts in the past and he was blown away by the relief that it provided him and also the fact that it is federally legal. 

I decided to give him the cartridge because I knew that the help it would give him was a lot more important then the help it was giving me. COVID-19 has severely affected my income to the point where I am hardly getting by and therefore cannot help my father in getting your product for him. 

At the end of the day I just want to help the man whose always provided and helped me through life. The ability to alleviate his pain and make his quality of life better is one that is very important to me and I would be touched if I was given the chance to do that for him once more. 


Some of our other runner up winners! 

The few times I have been lucky enough to get a good deal on some Delta 8, it's helped me get out of bed in the morning. 

One morning hit off a vape cartridge, and I feel ready for the day, happy to be alive. 

For me, that's rare. 

I deal with PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction so usually will just stay in bed, or isolate myself from the world. The first time I tried Delta 8 it was like I was a kid again. Happy. My body no longer ached with my arthritis which I have had since I was 14 years old (nearly half my life). 

I was able to finally use the camera I was gifted back in 2017 for the first time. I forgot how much I loved photography. The photos turned out beautiful, too.  Thanks to delta-8, I have been to all the creative things that I want to do but am usually unable to do because of my mental and physical illnesses. 

It gave me the motivation to start writing and recording music again. I was able to pick back up on a short story that I had abandoned. I spent less time planning to start projects and more time actually working on stuff like music and art. And the projects I have taken on have been some of my best work, which I also have to give Delta-8 some credit for. I forgot how wonderful the feeling of pride is when I finish something creative. 

Due to one of my medications, I often have zero appetite and am pretty underweight. But if I take a hit or two off a vape and I am ravenous. It's been a little over a month since I first tried Delta-8 and I am on my way to a healthier weight. Unfortunately, it's incredibly difficult to hold down a job because of my illnesses. Mental issues are a big factor in that, but I also am unable to drive because I have had 4 seizures within the past 5 years, and I am living in a place with zero public transportation. 

Another thing that I've noticed is that when I take Delta-8, I no longer isolate myself socially. I am reconnecting with my friends, spending time with my family - both of which I struggle with a lot. If I am using Delta-8 I don't want to hide in my room like I usually do. I want to be with the people I love. It's corny but that's what life is about, and Delta-8 helps me remember that. 

Delta-8 has helped me rediscover what I love about life, take action towards a healthier mind and body. This stuff helps me realize what brings me happiness but more importantly it has allowed me to pursue happiness.


My experience with Delta 8 has been nothing but amazing! 

Before discovering it, I was buying and using a lot of Delta 9 products for my pain. 

At the age of 11, a condition called “Chari Malformation” started attacking my spinal fluid, and within months I was so weak I had to use a wheelchair and walker to just walk around. 

Fortunately doctors were able to figure out what was going on, and at 11, I had 3 major brain surgeries. Unfortunately this came with intense pain so they prescribed me opiates.

Long story short, I started going down the wrong path with pills. THC has helped me so much and now that I found Delta 8 it’s even better; I get all the pain relief without getting too high in the head. 

Delta 8 really did change things up for me and I’m so grateful to have companies like yours to supply us with our meds. 

Thank you! 

Our testimonials from other participants, who still received a consolation prize! 


Finally, here are some stories that didn’t win a prize but detail the amazing benefits of Delta 8 THC. While these participants didn’t receive a prize, we did hook them up! We categorized these stories very broadly so you can see quickly if Delta 8 can help you! Check out what Delta 8 THC can do for people:

Anxiety & Mental Health


I love Delta 8 because it helps me deal with my anxiety better and I can function with it unlike my RX meds which knock me out. 

My family needs me to be the best mom I can be for them without being so spaced out or tired that I can't function.

Hello, I suffer from Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Bulimia, and Anorexia. 

I’ve been to countless doctors and been on countless meds and nothing seemed to fully click. That was until I found Delta 8. 

It seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle in my daily medication regimen. It boosts my appetite, lowers my anxiety, calms my Bipolar symptoms, and overall just heightens my mood. It’s helped me live a better life for the last 3 months and I’m so grateful to have found it. 


Delta 8 makes it so that I don’t need benzos for my anxiety. I don't know how I survived without it. 


I’m currently a college student who recently started at a new school, and I’ve had an insane amount of trouble with making any friends while at school. It doesn’t help that I have anxiety, both general and social. 

I was diagnosed with PTSD earlier this year after experiencing some pretty intense flashbacks and rediscovering some pretty badly repressed trauma from my childhood. It’s been really rough lately, and with the added stressors of school with not having friends, I’ve been experiencing more flashbacks and more general anxiety from my trauma. 

I’ve found, though, that the Delta8 I was able to get that using it has helped my PTSD immensely and has overall made my life so much better. I’ve been able to get better sleep using it, and I even was able to go out and talk to people I had never spoken to before without any anxiety. 

I felt like I was “normal” for the first time in years.  


I have been on Xanax and Adderall for 20 years for mental issues. 

I used to smoke D9 THC for MUCH needed relief. 

My wife currently can’t stand combustibles or carts that have the ability after a SMALL pull to make both my eyes look like pink eye. So I would stop… meds got cut 1 year ago in half. The benzo withdrawal is… SEVERE. Delta 8 in a cart, or eaten with MY measurements, mixed with high CBD, treats about 10 out of 12 symptoms I struggle with EVERYDAY. 

Oh, and it has made my back pain from 20 years serving the highways for our country COMEPLETELY GONE. 

I can lay down for over 4 hours with no pain for the first time since 2009. 

Thank you so much!

Just a college student who uses ∆8 to relieve stress and extend focus on assignments. 


D8 saved my health by allowing me easier access to beneficial cannabis. Compared to D9, D8 is much less paranoia-inducing and shares the same pain and anxiety relief as D9. I use it daily and feel like many others.


Delta 8 has significantly improved my life. I used to smoke Delta 9 for anxiety but for some reason it suddenly started making my anxiety worse. Discovered Delta 8 through Reddit and haven’t smoked Delta 9 since. 



I use Delta 8 to help with a variety of things, ranging from chronic pain in my arm and IBS, to trauma disorder and depression. 

I used to use Delta 9 but it started getting me paranoid so I made the switch to Delta 8. 

I started using tiny bits throughout the entire day and it helped me drop some heavy medication. 

I'm a single mom with high anxiety and panic attacks and have found D8 to be amazing and actually better than my anxiety medication.


Delta 8 has helped my anxiety significantly and also has helped me quit nicotine. 


I am on disability for bipolar, depression and anxiety. D8 in combination with CBD has allowed me to cut back on the massive amounts of medications I take. 

In all honesty, D8 has saved my life. 


Pain & Illness Relief


I am a single mom of two boys. I am going through a medical treatment that has chemo like side effects and was making it impossible to eat until I found D8. 

Since starting D8, I am able to eat normally and have even gained a bit of weight back. I have PTSD and chronic pain as well and they have pretty much disappeared thanks to these great products.  


The reason I smoke: terrible insomnia that I’ve had since a child and would rather not like to take narcotic pills, or something addiction-inducing. 

I’ve also had 2 back surgery’s; both were for herniated disc & spinal stenosis which pinched my nerves. My leg would go completely numb after walking for a hour. 

The second surgery was for the opposite side one up for the same thing. These surgery’s and problems have left me with permanent nerve damage, and the best thing that has solved these solutions lately have been D8, since I can’t smoke delta 9 anymore.  

The reason I choose Delta 8: I’ve been a D9 smoker for the past 3-4 years until I have recently discovered I had high blood pressure problems, and smoking D9 would give me a very bad, high heart rate and throw my blood pressure around. 

The best alternative I’ve found was Delta 8 and it doesn’t affect my heart rate or blood pressure. I’ve tried CBD distillate and just wasn’t it for me. 

Prior to learning about D8, I was stuck with CBD and since I was in an illegal state, I could not acquire D9 safely. 

D8 has helped me a bunch with work. 

I have to deal with unloading heavy pallets and walking around all day so it lets me relax and ease any joint pain after a long day. 


Delta 8 has helped me SO much upon finding out about it. 

Growing up with Lupus was a PAIN but the flair ups are nonexistent anymore with Delta 8.

I used to wake up with Osteonecrosis pain in my hip joint that would normally take an hour or two to go away on its own. But, with a couple puffs of Delta 8 the pain MELTS away almost immediately. 

Delta 9 used to help but it’s way too easy to get sucked in and take too much. 


I use Delta 8 for my sibo and stomach pain everyday.


Delta 8 has been beyond a miracle for me. It helps out tremendously with my anxiety and chronic pain. Mainly though, it has been helping me so much with pain from my foot surgery. 

Diagnosed with Menieres and D8 helps with Vertigo and nausea.

I use Delta 8 as medicine in place of black market D9 products. 

Delta 8 THC has eliminated my need for opiate medication and also allows me to eat normally for the first time in years. 

I suffer from IBS, anxiety, depression and chronic back pain. 

Without THC or opiates I am unable to even leave the house. 

Currently I vape D8 twice a day and dose edibles once. With this regiment I am completely symptom free! It’s a miracle. 

Since I started using D8 THC I’ve eliminated 4 prescription medications all with nasty side effects that I no longer have to live in fear of. 

I honestly felt handcuffed to prescription pills for so long, and it’s a huge relief to have that monkey off my back! 


I recently started using D8 about 3 months ago and it is a life saver. 

Spending 30$ on 400mg of edibles everyday is not financially feasible especially since I couldn't work. I went on for months spending $210 a week  on edibles just to be able to get out of bed. 

The whole time looking for better viable options and then bam I found it D8, a way for me to have a semblance of a life. 


Hi all, so my story with Delta 8 is how it helps me with my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome!

With Polycysytic Ovarian Syndrome, especially with more severe cases like mine, you live in constant pain. 

This pain is stabbing in the area of the ovaries, and is so painful that it takes your breath. 

I spend a lot of money on Delta 8 which is really the only thing I've found that completely takes this pain away, helps me eat, helps me sleep pain-free, etc.


Delta 8 is a new influence in my life but I wish I had discovered her sooner. I have G.E.R.D. (Gastrointestinal Esophageal Reflux Disease) and some days I cannot move from the bed.

Since having Delta 8, my overall quality of life has improved and I’m very thankful for that. 


Delta 8 has had an incredible impact on my life since learning about it a month ago. It has provided imminence relief from my GI symptoms but also allowed me to move away from black market D9 products. 

I have inherited Menetrier disease which has advanced over the past decade from little to no symptoms to daily nausea, loss of appetite, GI pain and vomiting. I found D9 to be useful to treat the symptoms, as prior to D8 there was nothing else that effective, but D8 is so much better at treating the symptoms. 

When using D8 I feel no discomfort and have plenty of appetite, a huge quality of life increase. 


I am a med patient for chronic pain, Endometriosis, and IBD. 


I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis which is an auto-immune disease that affects my back and hips by causing joints/bones to fuse together. 

I use Delta 8 to help with my inflammation and pain.


I used to stay up till 8am with insomnia and restless leg syndrome. With delta 8, I’m fast asleep by 12. It has also helped me lower my antidepressant dose. 

Final Words

And that’s it for our participants in the Pay it Forward program. We send a special thanks to all the kind folks that participated and shared their amazing testimonials to the medicinal benefits of Delta 8 THC. 

Delta 8 is a miracle substance that has helped many people around the country, and it’s something we hope can continue to help those people who need it most! We are happy and honored to be a part of this community and having the ability to make this substance more accessible to people!

We will be doing this program again for Christmas! Click here to enter your story!