Spensary - CBN/Delta 8 Vape Cartridge 1 Gram - Northern Lights

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You all asked for it so we made it! We took 99% pure CBN and mixed it in with our 93% pure Delta 8 in a ratio of 2:8! 

What is CBN? 

CBN, or Cannabinol, is one of the holy grails of cannabinoids. Famous for sedation and relaxation, without as much psychoactivity as normal Delta 9 THC. Think of it like a "super CBD", as it does everything CBD claims to do, but in much smaller concentrations. 

It's because of this effect that makes CBN such a treasured cannabinoid around the hemp community. 

We found it in it's purest form and brought it to you, along with some good old fashioned Delta 8 to get you exactly where you want to be when you want to relax or go to sleep! 

CBN is best used in the night time, or whenever you want to feel that "stoned" effect! 

About 20% of our cartridge is pure CBN, with 70% being pure Delta 8. Finally, we top it off with a blend of the highest grade Cannabis Derived Terpenes and Botanical Derived Terpenes we can find. The cannabis derived terpenes provide a dank base of skunky flavor, while the Botanical Derived Terpenes give a nice hint of fresh fruit, as that's where we get our terpenes from! 

Finally, as always, we put our blend into the most premium all ceramic Ascent iCells for extra flavor, performance, and durability! 

The end result is a cartridge that will blow you away and has been described as "other worldly"! Try yours today! 

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